Meet Procilis

Procilis is a unique procurement software solution focused on Federal Government regulations and best practices. Our solution offers an integrated platform for the full procurement life-cycle that is designed to be compliant with Federal Procurement regulations and legislation.

Government contracting is extremely complex and highly regulated. There are a dizzying amount of federal regulations and legislation the companies have to know. Contractors that buy products and services in support of federal contracts are subject to review and audit of government agencies. Procilis provides an integrated software application to help companies manage this difficult process.

Procilis ships with over 25 preconfigured form templates and 50 compliance rules to get you started. We also support extensive customization for your own unique business rules and scenarios, from out of the box solutions to advanced API integration.

Save on Procurement costs

Drastically reduce the amount of time and resources required for procurements by letting Procilis do the hard work for you.

File Management

With rich built-in templates and forms, we take the pain out of managing the procurement life-cycle. Upload your supporting files into the system and stay organized. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to simple.

Supplier Management

Let us track your suppliers for you. Manage your supplier profiles, supplier ratings, and past performance. Easily identify prospective bidders and conduct risk assessments.

Workflow Management

Keep historical records of document versions, history, and flow-down clauses. Set automatic approval limits and configure your workflow with our innovative procurement solution. Hassle-free workflow, that works.


Procilis manages all your forms and data in a single application, reducing data entry and duplication of work.


Ensure the most recent form versions are being used and view real-time compliance trends and risks.


Utilize our extensive reporting capabilities for staff and management.

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